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I love this studio! and at the heart of it all is Jen, the owner.  Jen is not only very friendly and welcoming to all of the wonderful diversity of people who walk through her doors, but it is evident that she has a genuine caring for everyone.  She has a positive energy, making each class the perfect mixture of challenge and fun.  I have not been concerned with getting hurt as Jen is very safety conscious; usually offering alternate poses depending on  your personal level and ability.  I always leave the studio feeling not only better than when I walked in, but feeling that each class was exactly what I needed for that day.  You will be challenged and your strength, flexibility and balance cannot help but improve more and more. 

Mira H. 

Excellent mind, body, soul and spirit experience at Peaceful Yoga.  The classes are wonderful.  The class leaders/trainers are well experienced and give you the best possible benefits you can get out of any given class.  It's the Best hour of your week!

Janet K. 

My wife and I wanted to try yoga, but knew little about it.  This studio was close to our home.  When my wife retired at the end of last year, I purchased a gift certificate so we could go together.  We started with the Beginner's Workshop, then moved to the Tuesday morning Gentle Yoga class.  Fast forward nine months and now you might find us there on any morning, as there is something different offered each day.  Jen, the owner, is an excellent instructor, and also sets the tone which is 100% supportive and welcoming to all.  And the classes are not just for women, that 100% welcoming feeling applies to men and couples as well.  The other two main instructors, Tammy and Courtney offer similar experiences when they are teaching their classes.  Also important to us is the fact that just about every person that walks through the door is friendly and supportive of each other, no matter their age or skill level.  We expected to enjoy yoga, but it has exceeded our expectations ten-fold.  Peaceful yoga has become an important part of our lives.

Guy S.

"From the minute you walk into this Zen space you can feel the loving energy.  As you move through the classes under expert instruction, you can feel your body relax and let go.  Jen and Tammy are especially top notch instructors and with a gentle voice and explicit directions help even a beginner feel confident. A wonderful esperience! 

Sue S. 

"These are the things I thought were so wonderful: *How you walk around the group and gently support everyone. *How you give options in such a reassuring way when the pose is more difficult to achieve. *Your reminders to listen to your body and do what your body is saying. *How you sometimes move a little more quickly for those who are more capable but reassure others to move at their own pace. *How welcomed you made me feel."

Barb K.

"No matter how crowded or light in number the class may be, Jen gives calm and gentle direction to everyone as though each one were the only student in the room. I am transported to a place of body awareness that makes my heart smile. Namaste Jen."

Deb A.

"I love Jen's yoga.  She is so amazing!  I feel so strong, healthy and calm when we are done with class!!  I highly recommend Jen's yoga.  Come and give it a try.  I guarantee you will be doing your body, mind and spirit good!! Preventative Care!"

Sue A.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my yoga class! My cousin and I have never taken a yoga class, so this was a new experience for us.  Courtney was very helpful, and I felt perfectly comfortable the entire time I was there.  I must say, it was much more difficult than I thought it would be, but I was so relaxed by the end of my class.


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