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The first class is scheduled for Thursday, July 11th @ 1 pm.   If you would like to join, please register here:

Additional Yoga4Cancer classes will be coming soon to Peaceful Yoga Studio.  Classes are open to all cancer survivors and patients at a special rate of $5/class.  Yoga Therapy is also an option for this population at a discounted rate as well.  If you would like further information or are interested in taking classes, please fill out the contact information at the bottom of the page or feel free to call!

What is Oncology Yoga?

Oncology Yoga is an evidence informed yoga method tailored to address the specific physical and emotional needs left by the cancer and cancer treatments. It is a comprehensive yoga practice designed to mitigate the short and long term side-effects and achieve long term health. Adaptable to all stages and cancer types.

For more Information,

visit the Yoga4Cancer Website.

Yoga4Cancer is Oncology Yoga

yoga4cancer is designed to help cancer survivors achieve the oncology and healthcare organization recommendation to speed recovery or defend against cancer reoccurrence. Each session will:

    • build strength and flexibility

    • strengthen the immune system and the lymphatic function

    • reduce cancer related fatigue

    • improve sleep and reduce anxiety

    • increase bone density

    • help manage common side effects like lymphedema, constipation and neuropathy

    • and encourage survivors to participate in their wellness plan


A Note from your teacher


A few years ago, my cousin was going through treatment for breast cancer.  She was talking to me about the side effects of treatment and how nobody told her about them.  As she was listing her side effects (ROM, fatigue, anxiety, lymphedema, to name a few), I realized that yoga could be helpful for every one of them.  I hoped to one day bring yoga to this population.  Well, the time has now come.  I completed my 75 hour training in June of 2024.  I am looking to provide classes at low or no cost to all of those who are on their cancer journey.  As my teacher, Tari Prinster says, "Cancer takes your breath away.  Yoga gives it back."  I hope to help you to find your breath again.  - Jen Akob

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