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Relax, Release and Roll
Every Wednesday in April @ 11am  

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Rolling with therapy balls has many benefits: helping to reduce pain, release tension, nourish tissues, and improve circulation just to name a few. As you move the body over the balls, you are providing self-massage to release the muscles and the fascial tissues of the body.

​Join Jen as she guides you through ways to release the myofascial unit of the  body.   Each week of this 4-week series, we will explore a different line of facia (front line, back line, diagonal line and lateral line).  You can utilize the balls at the studio, or you can purchase a set (3 different size balls with 2 in a sack and then 1 belly ball) of your own to continue with your rolling practice at home.

You can use your regular class card for the class.

Yoga at the Park
Wednesdays, Beginning in May


My favorite place to teach, besides the studio of course, is at Chestnuthill Park off of Route 715 in Brodheadsville.  Beginning May 1st, Jen's 9:30 am class, Stretch Relax and Meditate, will be held on the stage at the back of the park building.  This is weather permitting, of course.  

I will post by 8am if class will be moved to the studio or not, due to weather or temperature.  You can check Facebook, Instagram or the Home page on the website. 

We have limited supplies, so if you have a mat, please bring it, there are only a handful to borrow.  There will be blocks and blankets available.  Lastly, please dress in layers.  We will be there in temps above 60 degrees.  We are in the shade, so it can get chilly!

I hope you are able to join me.  Practicing yoga outside is very nurturing for body, mind and soul!

Reiki Share
Sunday, May 19th 1 - 3pm

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COME ONE... COME ALL Reiki Practitioners
- All Levels - Welcome!
We give so much when working in our work with others, here is a chance to get something back!  Not to mention meet other practitioners who share the same passion.

This even is by donation and advance sign up is required.  

For more information or to register please contact Betsey Blair at

Reiki Level II Training/Attunement
Saturday and Sunday, June 1st & 2nd 2-6pm  $275 


Reiki, being an ancient form of energy healing, can be used to reduce stress, improve general health, and also improves the quality of life.  

There should be approximately 3 months between Level I and Level II trainings.  Following this certification, if a student desires to continue study, 6 months between Level II and mastery is recommended.

In Reiki II, practitioners are taught the symbols and skills to practice and open energy channels more deeply.  Students are expected to use the symbols to bring the universal energy of Reiki into their everyday lives in more profound and practical ways.  Distance/remote Reiki is available at this level.  

In addition to this, there is only one attunement in Reiki II.  It focuses on the heart chakra, the mid-point between the physical and spiritual realm.

Benefits may include:

* Increased energy and focus

*Expanded healing abilities

*Personal growth and Transformation

No additional events are scheduled at this time but please keep checking back!


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