FREE Classes

Thursday July 29th @ 5:30 p.m.

Kayleigh Shahin is currently finishing up her 200 hour yoga teacher training.  In order to finish she must teach and record a few classes.  Being that she is a student here at Peaceful Yoga, we wanted to help her out on her journey.  You must sign up through sign up genius to attend or you can join her via Zoom.  I hope you can help Kayleigh out!

Yoga & Exercise Clothing Sale
to benefit Women's Resources


Throughout the month of July, please bring your clean, gently used yoga & exercise clothing and/or yoga accessories that you no longer need to the studio.  There will be a box located outside the studio for you to place your items.  We will be collecting items from now until August 12th.  Then on Friday August 13th from 11:30-1:30 and Saturday August 14th from 11-2  we will hold a sale of the items that we received.  Suggested donation per item is $5, more if you can, less if you can't.  All proceeds will be donated to Women's Resources  of Monroe County, a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center.  Items that are not sold will be donated to PVEN.  Thank you in advance for participating in this worthy cause.

Sound Chakra Clearing

Friday, August 13th 6:30-8:30pm

The seven primary chakras are ordered by color and have associations with specific elements, symbols, gemstones and musical notes.  When these chakras are working together in a healthy flow of energy, you should feel like the best version of yourself.  Unobstructed chakras are associated with good health and well-being.  However, when one or more of these energy centers are out of balance or blocked, this is when you might find yourself with a great number of emotional, mental or physical problems.  Singing bowls are said to balance and unblock these chakras, restoring balance within the body. 

Join Vyolet Albano from Dog Star Ascended on Friday evening, August 13th.  In this session, participants will sit or lie down comfortably, listen to a guided meditation and then be immersed in a singing bowl sound bath that will open, clear and align the chakras.  Cost of the workshop is $20.  Please pre-register through Sign-up genius here due to limited spots:

Lemurian Seed Crystal Workshop

Friday, September 3rd 6:30-8:30pm

Legend has it that Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals have been imbued with the secrets of the universe & allow those who work with them access to these secrets of healing, long life, developing psychic & paranormal abilities,  communication with animals & plants, and the keys to travelling between worlds to meet and enlist the aid of enlightened beings. They were hidden thousands of years ago in specially chosen places throughout the world by the people of Lemuria to be rediscovered when man would be ready to understand & use this knowledge once again. This legend is indeed true, as anyone who spends enough time with these crystals, will undoubtedly attest to this. They are coded and programmed with the Lemurian consciousness vibrations. When you work with them in meditation, self-healing practices, or other modalities, these crystals can infuse you with the pure emotional, intellectual, intuitive, & spiritual awareness of the Lemurians.

Learn about the history of these amazingly powerful crystals, why they are being found at this time, what mysteries they hold, how to access their wisdom and how to use them to boost healing. Each participant will be given their own Lemurian Seed Crystal to work with and take home. 

Join Vyolet Albano from Dog Star Ascended on Friday evening, September 3rd.  Cost of the workshop is $25.  Please pre-register through Sign-up genius here due to limited spots:

No additional events are scheduled at this time but please keep checking back!