Our Classes

30 Minute Power Yoga - Incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session.

All Levels - A class that is suitable for all different levels of experience; from a beginner to more experienced yogis.

Chair Yoga - A gentle form of yoga done mostly sitting in a chair or using a chair as a prop.  An especially good class for seniors or anyone healing from an injury.

Gentle Yoga - Floor and/or chair work with minimal transitions from floor to standing.

Level 2 - Previous yoga experience is necessary.  This class delves into some of the more challenging yoga poses including inversions.

Monthly Theme - Various yoga philosophies will be discussed on a monthly basis.  Yoga asana, imagery,  mudras and bandhas will be explored in relation to the months topic.  January will focus on Chakras.  February Tai Chi and Yoga fusion.

Stretch, Relax and Meditate - Hatha yoga practice  with guided systematic relaxation and 5 to 10 minute guided meditation.

Vinyasa Flow - Synchronize breath with movement to awaken students' strength, energy and flexibility. 

Previous yoga experience is highly recommended.

Yin Yoga - A more meditative practice with long held, passive poses targeting joints and connective tissue.

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1507 US 209  Suite 101

Brodheadsville, PA 18322

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